Men: What Kind Of Man Does A Woman Want?

Ah, a question with an answer as old as time it’s self. A question that only a woman can answer, keep in mind not all women have the same requirements but I will give some basic characteristics of what women look for when seeking a partner.

#1. Be Gentle

No woman wants a man who is just downright bossy and arrogant. Men are programmed with the need for respect but verbally or physically beating her into submission is not the way to earn it. Men who are easily respected by women are gentle. He treats her like a flower.

#2. Be the Alpha(Have Confidence)

There is nothing more attractive than a man who acts like a MAN. She wants to be able to walk into a room with you and feel like you own it and nobody can mess with her as long as she’s with you. Again, this is for when your out and about but with her she wants that gentle ol’ teddy bear.

#3. Be well-groomed

Seriously there is nothing more unattractive than “funk.” Be well showered with your hair on point and your beard or moustache trimmed. Spritz on your favorite cologne and she won’t have one complaint!

#4. Be Fashionable

007, Anybody?

#5. Be responsible

Don’t be irresponsible. Show that you can take care of yourself.

#6. Be Chivalrous

I promise it’s not dead, just start using it. Be courteous it isn’t all that hard.

#7. Make her laugh

Women love nothing more than a man who can put a smile on her face.

#8. Be Faithful

Yes I said it! The worst thing you can ever do to a woman (or a man) is to make them feel like they weren’t good enough for you. Be loyal or otherwise don’t get in a relationship at all.

#9. Be respectful

Yes, men need respect but that doesn’t mean women don’t need it also. Treat her like a gem.

#10. Have a plan

Know what you want in life. Be persistent on getting it. Be the “Wolf of Wall Street” but at everything you do.

Remember all women are different, this is just based on my personal research. Thanks for joining me!


-Texas Gal’


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