Men: Make Her Feel Like a Queen

That’s right gentleman I’m back with a few tips to help you make your special lady feel like royalty. Are you ready to be the man of the hour or what? Let’s get it started…

1.) Use Your Words

Ladies love nothing more than hearing her man tell her how he feels about her, whether it’s telling her how beautiful she is or that very special L word. The affirmation that we still rock your world is more than enough to make her feel like you are her knight in shining armor! (Sir who?)

2.) Be Intimate

No I don’t mean sex fellas. I’m talking about true intimacy wash her hair for her, play with her hair, massage her, kiss her and hold her every chance you get. She will appreciate you like no other.

3.) Buy Those Flowers For No Reason

I know a lot of women don’t make a big deal about flowers. Personally I don’t, but it doesn’t mean we will not jump up and down inside when you walk through the door with them. Flower power all the way and she will feel loved sir, I promise!

4.) Spend “Quality” Time Together

We live in a day in age where our lives are consistently busy and it’s hard to get alone time together especially if you have kids. When you finally get the chance make sure it’s quality time. Go ahead and just ditch the phones or video games and focus on her and let her focus on you. It will deepen your bonds more than ever.

5.) Don’t Nag

Men do it too, It’s all just a part of our broken human nature. Step back give her a break because women have a lot on their shoulders. They need your words of encouragement tell her how great of a jobs she’s doing at being a mom, compliment her on her accomplishments at work or thank her for washing the clothes..maybe even throw in “I don’t know what I would do without you.” (Look I’m trying help you guys!)

6.) Make Her Clock Tick

Women like to make love just as much as a man. Theres no bigger buzz kill than a selfish lover, make sure you know all her quirks and do whatever it takes to get her to that level with you. Remember it takes time and a lot of practice kind of like a football game. GO FOR GOAL!!!

Fellas most importantly love your lady for who she is and make sure you value her for being the Queen she truly is.


Texas Gal


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