Women: Make Him Feel Like A King

Every man wants a woman who makes him feel like he’s on top of the world and many times as women we don’t have a clue as to how. So here are a few steps to help you lovely ladies out!

1.) Cook For Him

“They say the way to mans heart is through his stomach.” Wisdom at its finest and it’s so true. Men just love food and if you can put down in the kitchen, he will love you even more than he loves food!

2.) Encourage Him

Most men spend most of their time working and trying to figure out how to provide for their families and succeed at their jobs. So the last thing he needs is a naggy woman, tell him how great of a job he is doing and how thankful you are for him. Push him to reach for the stars and trust he will always appreciate you.

3.) Motivate Him

Sometimes being the main provider can be exhausting whether it be male or female. Men can sometimes get stuck in a depression and when he’s having those moments be there to motivate him to keep going, be his back bone and show him the support that he needs. You will be cherished I promise.

4.) Serve Him

No I don’t mean like a slave, I mean fix his food for him or give him a back massage after a hard day. Lay out his clothes for him when he’s in a rush. To him this will speak volumes.

5.) Don’t Be Clingy

Let your man breathe give him 15 minutes when he walks through the door before you start talking his head off. Let him have that much-needed night out with the guys every once in a while. Don’t call him every five minutes, trust me if he really cares for you he will find time for you.

6.) Fulfill His Needs (Bedroom talk)

Lastly, ladies if your man needs “it” then he really does need it. Stop being prude and enjoy the intimate times you have with your man. Focus on the exploration and learn about which buttons to push to get him going. If you can figure those out you’ll be seen as a Goddess!

Remember the key to any good marriage is honesty, love and respect from both ends. Again, we are not all perfect but its the effort you put in that makes it worth while.


-Texas Gal’


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