Bad Habits: 6 Key Habits That Can Destroy Your Marriage

Marriage consist of two imperfect people trying their hardest to make it work. A lot of times we are completely oblivious as to why it’s not working out. Here’s five key reason your relationships stuck downhill.

1.) Selfishness

In a relationship there is just no room for being self-centered. A selfish person usually never reflects on their own faults and is constantly reflecting on their partners. When each partner in the relationship reflects on their own issues they can work to fix them and in return slowly start to repair the relationship.

2.) Not Communicating

When you and your partner aren’t communicating it creates a barrier. Make sure you always keep an open line of communication about all things that affect the relationship.

3.) Wondering Eyes

I’m pretty sure this is common knowledge but I don’t think people realize that staring at pornography and sexy magazines are also a form of adultery. It’s destructive and it puts unrealistic expectations of your partner in your mind. Enjoy what you have, not what you could have!

4.) Not Giving That Space

Give each other some space if your married and plan on staying married you literally have 60+ years together. Give eachother that much-needed alone time and take the time to self reflect.

5.) Not Dating

Just because you tied the knot doesn’t mean the dating should stop. Dating your spouse keeps the spice alive in the marriage. Go have some dinner, go see a movie or go dancing!

6.) No Intimacy

This is literally a big factor. I know it sounds so old-fashioned but if you’re not being intimate with your partner it just leaves room for all kinds of things to happen. Don’t stop loving on each other physically or spiritually.

Marriage can be really hard sometimes but when two people both invest time into making it work. You will reap the rewards.


Texas Gal’


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