Women: The Texas Gal’s Guide To Being Confident

Confidence – a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Being the fiercest version of yourself isn’t easy. We have all been there criticizing ourselves for every “flaw” we have. A bunch of women part of a society where media overrides the natural minds outlook on beauty. How do we overcome these standards and move towards being beautiful confident ladies? Check out these 5 key steps to being a rock star!

1.) Stop Comparing Yourselves

We turn on the TV or open up Social Media and there it is a perfectly photoshopped celebrity. Suddenly before you know it you’re comparing yourself to something that’s not even real. Let’s do ourselves a favor and just be proud of the way God made us and quit staring at false idols.

2.) Brains Over Beauty

Tis’ the truth there is nothing more attractive than a smart woman. Don’t perceive yourself to be some air head. Show people just how intelligent you are because regardless the physical is temporary and the mind is forever…

3.) Stand Up Straight & Smile

Good posture displays and increases your confidence and it’s just down right healthier. Oh and always wear a smile, it just looks so good on you.

4.) Respect Yourself

Sometimes I feel as if women have forgotten just how precious of a gift they are. Ladies I plead with you stop sleeping around so much, stay off those hook up apps and carry yourselves like the QUEENS you are!

5.) Love Yourself

“How do I do that?” Its simple when you’re in a relationship, do you not want your partner to do all these sweet little things for you? Take you out and buy you gifts all while whispering sweet things in your ear? News Flash: Do those things for yourself! Treat that lovely lady, that is you!

Rise my Queens!


-Texas Gal’


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