Women: Trusting Him.

Trust such a simple word with a whole lot of emotion in it. It can be easily gained and easily broken.

1.) Has He Given You A Reason?

It is proven fact that in modern day society infidelities are at their highest rate ever but if your not sure your guy is cheating then why be insecure about something that has yet to come. Trust him until he gives you a reason not to.

2.) Stop Creeping

It’s pointless and a waste of your time and your life. Worry about yourself and enjoy YOUR life. Remember everything done in the dark comes to the light and the Big Man upstairs has your back more than anyone ever will.

3.) He’s Honest

If he is blantantly honest about where he is going and what he is doing theres absolutely no reason not to trust him.

4.) He Shows You Affection

Cause, literally if he is doing something wrong that will completely disappear and if your man is still loving on you its less likely that he’s messing around.

5.) Lay Off

If you suspect something. Don’t sweat it just sit back relax and wait for God to work his skills. 1…2….3…. seriously worry about YOU.

Now I’m not saying let it slide. I’m saying don’t waste your life being FBI Agent. It hurts when somethings off, I’ve been there. Keep yourself busy and let it come to surface on its own. Then you can make the decision tjat best suits the situation.


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